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Anna Popovich on TV


Anna Popovich on TV

Anna Popovich

Anna Popovich at Etsy Ad

We only had a few days to congratulate ourselves after discovering we had a part to play on Etsy's new advert airing on Channel 4 currently. We hauled our favourite pieces from our latest collection down to Wimbledon studios for our first - and hopefully not last - TV appearance. Perhaps you'd like to see...

On arrival I was greeted by the Etsy UK team and a Dalek, where we were plied with coffee and Etsy gift bags before being taken down to ‘the street’.

Anna Popovich at Etsy Ad

When filming for television there’s a lot of waiting around. I made good use of this time by chatting to Dig for Victory’s Elanor. We compared notes on all things fashion, business and the Scottish nations penchant for battering chocolate bars and pizza. You can find out about all the seller's involved through Etsy at Etsy.com/peoplemakeetsy.

A street market scene had been set up for us to lay out our wares. We were each given an action; swirling in a vintage dress, riding a bike or, ahem, walking a really cute dog dressed in a cape.

Anna Popovich in Etsy Ad

After a difficult start (he was wearing a wedding dress and matching tiara) Archie the dog relaxed into his role, had two more costume changes and bonded with his on screen owner: yours truly.

Anna Popovich in Etsy Ad

At last, those famous words were spoken. It was indeed ‘A Wrap’.

Anna is wearing our Iras Tee in Dusky Pink available in our Etsy shop now.